Tech’Session Latest trends in refractories: innovation, circular economy & training – Online


Thursday 4th March 2021 9:00am – 12:20pm
English spoken

Public : Anyone with a scientific background from design, methods, production or R&D departments


Innovative refractory products provide resource-efficient solutions to industries and have been instrumental in the development of key breakthrough processes. Refractories are also essential as kiln linings or physical support during the firing of all ceramic products.

Refractories play the triple role of providing mechanical strength, protection against corrosion and thermal insulation. They are adapted to each specific application through fine-tuning and a careful choice of the different raw materials and their processing.

AIM OF THIS TECH’SESSION: The speakers will explain latest trends in refractories, regarding innovation, circular economy & training.


  • 8:45 am Welcome of speakers
  • 9:00 am Introduction of European Cluster of Ceramics
  • 9:10 am Research on refractories at IrCer in the context of European Green Deal and energy-intensive industriesIRCER, Marc HUGER
  • 9:40 am Colle & revêtements hautes températures (in French) BIESTERFELD, Alexandre LONG
  • 10:10 am Refractory recycling at BELREF SA : from the waste to their valorisation in the final product BELREF, Léna ROUMIGUIER & Guillaume BUYDENS 
  • 10:40 am Break
  • 10:50 am A new generation of phosphate bonded refractories CAPITAL REFRACTORIES, Julie HARDY
  • 11:20 am Innovative design in refractory at TRBTRB, Simon CHIARTANO
  • 11:50 am Tata Steel: Future needs of a refractory user TATA STEEL, Sido SINNEMA
  • 12:20 pm Closing
  • Afternoon : BtoB meetings with speakers


Possibility to book a BtoB meeting with speakers. Please indicate on your registration if you are interested.


Biesterfeld France, distributeur spécialisé dans les solutions de collage, vous propose la gamme AREMCO: colles à base de céramique, revêtements, produits d’étanchéité et remplissage permettant de travailler jusqu’à 2000°C pour tout type d’industrie :

  • AREMCO-BOND : Résines epoxies haute performance. Collages et d’enrobages jusqu’à 300°C
  • CERAMABOND/CERAMACAST : Colles céramiques et graphites jusqu’à 2000°C
  • CERAMACAST : Céramique de remplissage et de moulage haute température (2000°C)
  • PYROPAINT : Peintures réfractaires jusqu’à 1760°C


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